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Pebble Interiors was formed in response to a need for accessible and affordable interior decorating services.

Justine Leach explains, “Everyone wants a lovable and liveable home that looks its best - and it doesn’t take much to achieve that. Apart from the obvious cleaning and tidying of clutter, a home can have a new lease of life with repainting and a bit of wow! factor. This can be achieved with feature wallpapers, re-upholstered furnishings, or changing the layout of rooms to make the home look more spacious. Pebble Interiors provides all the options for customers to make an informed choice.”

How it all started…

Justine Leach, founder of Pebble Interiors

I have worked in several different industries including real estate and marketing for small businesses. This experience helped me appreciate what makes a home more attractive when selling, or a small business more appealing to customers.

After completing a degree in Sydney I moved to the UK, where I worked for one of the biggest creative studios in the country. Colour, texture and composition were the hallmarks of this company and I soon felt the need to relight my own creative passions and interest in interiors. I studied Interior Decorating in the UK and after returning to Australia, studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

And now…

Pebble Interiors provides sound advice, quality products and an end result that keeps customers coming back. Our relationship with our clients goes beyond the initial contact to one of trust and repeat business.

Paint, fabric, wallpaper, decorative art and soft furnishings are the tools for creating the change customers want, but it is the individual who has the key to enjoying a new look for their home or business.

My role is to interpret the needs and desires of my customers to help them achieve their goal, and my aim is to make their home or place of work as pleasing, comfortable and attractive as it can be.


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