September 7, 2015
It's Spring!

Top tips for bringing the essence of Spring into your home.

1. Fresh Flowers. Preferably cut from your own garden or if not, go for sunny yellows, white and orange to brighten any space.
TIP: Have a cluster of small glass or ceramic vessels of different heights and shapes and put different flowers in each then cluster together for an interesting table arrangement.

2. Rearrange bookshelves. Try stacking books alternating between 'stacked' horizontal and 'shelved' vertical or by colour of the binding so all blues are together, then yellows, etc.
TIP: Use an interesting object to act as a bookend or to place on top of stacked books or magazines.

3. Refresh your pictures. Add more recent family photographs to existing frames, or swap artwork for something lighter and brighter.
TIP: Art should always be hung it just above eye level. Try putting large art opposite a bed rather than above it.

4. Rugs. Time to give them all a good shake and airing. Leave them in the sun for a day on the lawn to freshen up.

5. Post it up.   Buy some magnetic paint and paint the inside of pantry doors or children's wardrobe doors and then use magnets to add postcards, birthday reminders, family photos and artwork. See Resene Paint for magnetic paint or Dulux chalboard magnetic paint.

6. New Bedlinen: Spring is a great time for swapping over bedlinen to something light and colourful. 
TIP: It's the perfect time to wash doonas/duvets at the laundromat where they have bigger washing machines. If dry clean only then take to the dry cleaners.

7. For kids. Buy some old timber photo frames from an op shop in varying sizes, and repaint them in a high gloss colour to match their room colours, then fill with their favourite pictures.
TIP: You can buy some colours in gloss spray paints which are easy to use. Otherwise buy sample pots in a variety of colours using a Dulux fandeck to choose your colours (they will have this in Bunnings or similar).

8. Living rooms. A simple change of cushion colours will instantly freshen the look of the room. 
TIP: Pick up a 'pop' colour from an existing artwork or go for soft pastel shades if you want a more subtle look.

9. Set the table.  Who says Christmas is the only time for a beautifully set table? Dust off the best china, add a vase of flowers and with a bit of creative table setting, you'll have a lovely way to celebrate the new seasons fresh produce.

10. Fresh Air.  Finally, on one of the first good days of Spring, open up all the windows and doors to let the fresh air in.



August 28, 2015
The Colour ORANGE

Colour is such an intrinsic part of our everyday life, we forget how different colours can affect our mood, or tell us a bit about ourselves in terms of the colours we wear as well as use in home furnishings.

As a colour consultant, I visit homes and small businesses on a regular basis, to advise on colour.  Of course, most of us choose a safe neutral to paint our walls and then add colour through furniture, artwork, fabrics and soft furnishings.

Each month, I'm going to explore what different colours can do to our moods and what different colours represent.  This will give readers a bit of an idea as to why they are drawn to certain colours and perhaps assist them when redecorating or choosing new colour schemes in the future.

This month I start with the colour ORANGE.

The colour orange is optimistic and uplifting.  It radiates warmth and happiness and is a colour that offers emotional strength in difficult times as it helps us bounce back from life’s disappointments and major upsets.

A little pop of orange will instantly uplift your spirits, whether by wearing an orange scarf, having an orange coloured coffee mug or a brightly coloured cushion.  It’s a colour associated with warm cheeriness.

Orange is also associated with food and stimulates your appetite, not just for eating but for lively conversation.  Therefore it’s a great colour to use in a kitchen / dining area where families congregate regularly, however not so good if you’re trying to watch your weight!  Many restaurants use the colour orange in varying tones from peach, to apricot, to terracotta and burnt orange tones as it’s perfect for stimulating both appetite and conversation. 

Orange brings about spontaneity and a positive outlook and is therefore great to use during economic tough times as it keeps us upbeat and looking on the brighter side of life.

The colour orange is also associated with risk taking, adventure, competitiveness, independence and physical confidence.  This colour is for people always on the go!

Orange is an extroverted and uninhibited colour and relates to social communication, stimulating conversation.  It’s both a warm and inviting and physically and mentally stimulating so I gets people talking.

Orange is about new ideas, freedom of spirit and encourages both self respect and respect in others.

Strangely, orange is probably the most under used colour in modern times.  However we only have to think back to the 60s and 70s when it was used in abundance in wallpapers, bedspreads, cushions and curtain fabric. 

Perhaps that in itself shows what an optimistic time the 60s and 70s were!  


December 15, 2013
Style your home

Geelong home styling

Preparing your home for sale

Moving and selling home is an exciting time for many people, it can also be stressful. Naturally, you want the best price for your home so you can move onto the next stage of your life and secure the new home of your dreams.

Selling your house for the best price possible is definitely dependent on how your home looks and feels to prospective buyers. In short: looks matter.

If people inspecting your home walk into clutter and chaos that is the feeling they will take away from your home and they are far less likely to consider buying it. If your space feels open, airy and light, people will take away a much more positive feeling from your home.

Even if your home isn’t ‘open plan’ like many of the modern homes being built in the new estates around Geelong, you can certainly make it feel that way with some clever home styling.

Geelong home styling

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make one – rather than ripping down walls, painting and undertaking a major interior decoration project – consider home styling as a more affordable option.

Home styling will transform the look of your space with colour, texture and visual interest.

Our interior stylist will work to your budget and requirements so you get the best possible outcome. If you’re working and packing and planning to move, allow us to take a weight off and style your home for open for inspections.

For home styling in Geelong, please contact us.

December 15, 2013
Decorate your home

Interior decoration Geelong

Whimsical wallpapers

Gone are the days of limited or boring wallpaper designs. When people think ‘wallpaper’ they think grandma’s floral wallpaper, brown, beige or old school paisley.

You are no longer limited by bland colours or dreary designs. These days, you can find wallpaper in every colour imaginable, every pattern and even ‘realistic’ looking textures such as wood.

Thanks to the evolution of wallpaper, interior decoration has never been easier or more fun!

Sometimes you can’t beat a fresh coat of paint, but you absolutely don’t have to paint to transforms your walls from drab to fab. Wallpaper is a mess-free alternative that can achieve looks that paint never could. Unless you are an exceptional artist with a lot of time on your hands, chances are you will never be able to paint the designs we are now seeing with modern wallpapers.

We love Dale and Sophie’s recycled wood wallpaper they used for one of their room reveals for The Block 2012.

If you still need convincing that wallpaper has become ‘cool’ look at this for inspiration:

Interior decoration Geelong

We are based in Geelong and offer full interior decoration services including a fantastic range of wallpaper. Contact us for queries.

January 31, 2013
Don't move when you can improve! and hire a Geelong Colour Consultant to make it happen

Use colour to transform your home, inside and out.

Pebble Interiors loves to make BIG transformations.  And where better to start than your own home.  Our particular specialty is weatherboard properties.  Whether looking for a coastal cool colour scheme, heritage colours or something a little different but still in keeping with other homes in your area, a Pebble Interiors colour consultant offers a full interior and exterior service providing you with a range of options to choose from.  As our name suggests, Pebble Interiors is associated with all things coastal and loves working with modern bay, ocean and lakeside colours including seafoam whites, soft sand creams, sky and ocean blues, cloudy day greys, and gorgeous blue greens such as sage, teal and duck egg blue.  Our Geelong colour consultant will provide you with schemes that ensure both your exterior and interior colours are in harmony with each other.  We offer gorgeous 3-way colour schemes to include weatherboards, window frames, doors, guttering, eaves, finials and fencing as well as for tin or steel roofing.

Our services cover Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf coast.  So when you already live in paradise, why move when you can improve on what you already have.



December 3, 2012
Who needs a colour consultancy - you do!

Colour Consultants Geelong

Whether your home is old or a new build, modern or traditional – if you’re considering updating and refreshing your home, you can’t go wrong if you engage an expert colour consultant.

Nothing influences the feel or mood of a room like colour. Even subtle changes in colour can have an enormous effect, and it’s so easy to choose the wrong shade of colour considering the enormous range available.

Pebble Interiors colour consultancy doesn’t make any recommendations regarding colour without fully understanding how you use the space, how you want to feel in the space and considering the existing furnishings and lighting.

Colour consulting can also help define a space, by that we mean open plan areas such as a kitchen, dining and living areas can be defined as being three distinct separate spaces just by using the right paint colour choices.

A significant advantage of working with a Geelong colour consultancy like Pebble Interiors is that we are not connected to any one paint supplier. The paint colour recommendations we make to you are based solely on your needs – we are not obligated to recommend any one paint company or brand.

Don’t choose paint colours for your home, business or office without the expert help of a colour consultant Ballarat from Pebble Interiors. Contact Us via email or phone 0413 319 189.