December 3, 2012
Who needs a colour consultancy - you do!

Colour Consultants Geelong

Whether your home is old or a new build, modern or traditional – if you’re considering updating and refreshing your home, you can’t go wrong if you engage an expert colour consultant.

Nothing influences the feel or mood of a room like colour. Even subtle changes in colour can have an enormous effect, and it’s so easy to choose the wrong shade of colour considering the enormous range available.

Pebble Interiors colour consultancy doesn’t make any recommendations regarding colour without fully understanding how you use the space, how you want to feel in the space and considering the existing furnishings and lighting.

Colour consulting can also help define a space, by that we mean open plan areas such as a kitchen, dining and living areas can be defined as being three distinct separate spaces just by using the right paint colour choices.

A significant advantage of working with a Geelong colour consultancy like Pebble Interiors is that we are not connected to any one paint supplier. The paint colour recommendations we make to you are based solely on your needs – we are not obligated to recommend any one paint company or brand.

Don’t choose paint colours for your home, business or office without the expert help of a colour consultant Ballarat from Pebble Interiors. Contact Us via email or phone 0413 319 189.