August 28, 2015
The Colour ORANGE

Colour is such an intrinsic part of our everyday life, we forget how different colours can affect our mood, or tell us a bit about ourselves in terms of the colours we wear as well as use in home furnishings.

As a colour consultant, I visit homes and small businesses on a regular basis, to advise on colour.  Of course, most of us choose a safe neutral to paint our walls and then add colour through furniture, artwork, fabrics and soft furnishings.

Each month, I'm going to explore what different colours can do to our moods and what different colours represent.  This will give readers a bit of an idea as to why they are drawn to certain colours and perhaps assist them when redecorating or choosing new colour schemes in the future.

This month I start with the colour ORANGE.

The colour orange is optimistic and uplifting.  It radiates warmth and happiness and is a colour that offers emotional strength in difficult times as it helps us bounce back from life’s disappointments and major upsets.

A little pop of orange will instantly uplift your spirits, whether by wearing an orange scarf, having an orange coloured coffee mug or a brightly coloured cushion.  It’s a colour associated with warm cheeriness.

Orange is also associated with food and stimulates your appetite, not just for eating but for lively conversation.  Therefore it’s a great colour to use in a kitchen / dining area where families congregate regularly, however not so good if you’re trying to watch your weight!  Many restaurants use the colour orange in varying tones from peach, to apricot, to terracotta and burnt orange tones as it’s perfect for stimulating both appetite and conversation. 

Orange brings about spontaneity and a positive outlook and is therefore great to use during economic tough times as it keeps us upbeat and looking on the brighter side of life.

The colour orange is also associated with risk taking, adventure, competitiveness, independence and physical confidence.  This colour is for people always on the go!

Orange is an extroverted and uninhibited colour and relates to social communication, stimulating conversation.  It’s both a warm and inviting and physically and mentally stimulating so I gets people talking.

Orange is about new ideas, freedom of spirit and encourages both self respect and respect in others.

Strangely, orange is probably the most under used colour in modern times.  However we only have to think back to the 60s and 70s when it was used in abundance in wallpapers, bedspreads, cushions and curtain fabric. 

Perhaps that in itself shows what an optimistic time the 60s and 70s were!