September 7, 2015
It's Spring!

Top tips for bringing the essence of Spring into your home.

1. Fresh Flowers. Preferably cut from your own garden or if not, go for sunny yellows, white and orange to brighten any space.
TIP: Have a cluster of small glass or ceramic vessels of different heights and shapes and put different flowers in each then cluster together for an interesting table arrangement.

2. Rearrange bookshelves. Try stacking books alternating between 'stacked' horizontal and 'shelved' vertical or by colour of the binding so all blues are together, then yellows, etc.
TIP: Use an interesting object to act as a bookend or to place on top of stacked books or magazines.

3. Refresh your pictures. Add more recent family photographs to existing frames, or swap artwork for something lighter and brighter.
TIP: Art should always be hung it just above eye level. Try putting large art opposite a bed rather than above it.

4. Rugs. Time to give them all a good shake and airing. Leave them in the sun for a day on the lawn to freshen up.

5. Post it up.   Buy some magnetic paint and paint the inside of pantry doors or children's wardrobe doors and then use magnets to add postcards, birthday reminders, family photos and artwork. See Resene Paint for magnetic paint or Dulux chalboard magnetic paint.

6. New Bedlinen: Spring is a great time for swapping over bedlinen to something light and colourful. 
TIP: It's the perfect time to wash doonas/duvets at the laundromat where they have bigger washing machines. If dry clean only then take to the dry cleaners.

7. For kids. Buy some old timber photo frames from an op shop in varying sizes, and repaint them in a high gloss colour to match their room colours, then fill with their favourite pictures.
TIP: You can buy some colours in gloss spray paints which are easy to use. Otherwise buy sample pots in a variety of colours using a Dulux fandeck to choose your colours (they will have this in Bunnings or similar).

8. Living rooms. A simple change of cushion colours will instantly freshen the look of the room. 
TIP: Pick up a 'pop' colour from an existing artwork or go for soft pastel shades if you want a more subtle look.

9. Set the table.  Who says Christmas is the only time for a beautifully set table? Dust off the best china, add a vase of flowers and with a bit of creative table setting, you'll have a lovely way to celebrate the new seasons fresh produce.

10. Fresh Air.  Finally, on one of the first good days of Spring, open up all the windows and doors to let the fresh air in.